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Our Mission  is to Advocate, Educate, and Serve all Affected by Brain Injury


At the Brain Injury Hope Network, we offer a wide range of resources to all affected by brain injury of any kind. From our vibrant social community to our monthly magazine, we're here to support you. 

A Global Network of Hope

Since its launch in 2013, the Brain Injury Hope Network has become a global support network that includes a vibrant Facebook community, a YouTube video channel, a Twitter presence, as well as an award winning blog. Monthly, tens of thousands of social interactions within our network help end the isolation that is so common within the brain injury community.

TBI Hope

Our Facebook Family

One of the world's largest online social communities offering support to those affected by brain injury. 

Brain Injury Quotes

Motivational Quotes 

Sometimes we all need a positive thought to reflect on. These are hand-picked to inspire you!

brain injury blog

Brain Injury Blog

TBI Hope co-founder David A. Grant shares his thoughts in an award-winning brain injury blog

brain injury magazine

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