TBI HOPE Magazine - Now Available in Print!

The first issue of TBI HOPE Magazine was released in March of 2015. For the next two years, email subscribers received a monthly notification to read the free digital version of TBI HOPE Magazine.

In March of 2017, on National Brain Injury Awareness Day, the first printed issue of TBI HOPE MAGAZINE premiered.

The digital version TBI HOPE Magazine will remain free to all who subscribe. Readers now have the option to purchase the publication in print, something that many have asked for since the inception of TBI HOPE Magazine.

TBI HOPE Magazine Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I purchase the printed copy of TBI HOPE Magazine?
A. Every month, our email subscribers will receive an email with a link to purchase the current issue online or read the digital version for free. If you’ve not yet subscribed for email notifications, you can subscribe here.

The magazine can be purchased directly on Amazon. Don’t worry about missing an issue, we’ll send email a direct link to the page. Amazon Prime members can have the magazine shipped for free.

Q. Will you continue to offer the free digital version of TBI HOPE Magazine?
A. Yes, we are 100% committed to offering our publication free in the digital format.

Q. Does the free digital version contain any less content than the printed version?
A. No, the free version is not a scaled-down version of our printed issue. Both contain the same stories of inspiration and hope.

Q. Can I sign up for a monthly subscription?
A. No, we are using more of a “Newsstand Approach.” With a traditional yearly subscription, you are locked in to paying for copies you won't see for months. With TBI HOPE Magazine, you pay only for the copies you want to read!

Q. Where can I purchase the premier issue of TBI HOPE Magazine?
A. The premier print issue of TBI HOPE Magazine is available here.

Q. Is the format of the magazine any different than a traditional magazine?
A. Yes, TBI HOPE Magazine is actually quite different than a newsstand magazine. The cover is extra-thick for easy handling, our interior pages are close to two-times the thickness of a traditional magazine, and we formatted the interior text in an EXTRA LARGE FONT for easy reading.

Q. Can I purchase TBI HOPE magazine at a bookstore or retail location?
A. The printed version of TBI HOPE Magazine is available as an online purchase only.

Q. I am a contributing writer. Can I buy copies at a discounted cost?
A. Yes, all contributors can purchase copies at a reduced cost. These are great for give-aways and more!

Q. Can I purchase multiple copies at discounted rate?
A. Yes! Whether you want copies for your local Support Group, or your state’s BIA, we can happily accommodate.

Q. I live outside the US, can I still buy the printed version?
A. Yes, our publication is available worldwide.

Q. I still have questions, who can i contact?
A. You can call 603-898-4540, or send an email to david@tbihopeandinspiration.com




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