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Audio Brain Injury Stories

We are pleased to offer select articles from HOPE Magazine in audio format. Every month, we will be adding  more audio stories to our online library. 
Professionally produced by HOPE family member Munish Joshi, the addition of audio renditions of our contributor’s stories will  enable even more people to benefit from the inspirational content offered to our worldwide readership! 

Listen Now

You Can't See Me, by Marci DrimerListen
1825 Days, by Lori LeeListen
A Matter of Pride, by Debra GormanListen
How to Get Organized, by Barbara WebsterListen
Coming Back to Life, by Karl HellerListen
Our New Normal, by Cyndi KampsListen
Two Life-Sustaining Questions, by Norma MyersListen
Acceptance is the Answer, by Jim MartinListen

A Special Thank You to Munish Joshi

In early May of 2017, an unexpected email crossed my desk. Included in the email was an audio file. Professional Voice-Performer Munish Joshi recorded a story from HOPE Magazine.

My wife Sarah and I were both in tears after listening to the first-ever audio version of a HOPE story. We have known for years that the brain injury community is largely defined by the "kindest and most generous folks we never knew existed."

Such is the case with Munish. He has offered to record stories from HOPE Magazine so that others, those who may have challenges reading, can experience HOPE!

We've found that those with a true passion for serving the brain injury community most always have a back-story that includes some aspect of brain injury. And so it is for Munish, as his wife is a brain injury survivor.

I invite you to visit to learn more about Munish.


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